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In light of the postseason that Kevin Durant had, let’s not forget who the real MVP is this season, regardless of accusations made by Westbrook’s former teammate.

In the event that this is your first time seeing our MVP count here’s the manner by which the voting and our forecast works.

In MVP voting an ahead of everyone else vote talks the loudest with a three point edge over second place. In the first place is worth 10, second 7, third 5, fourth 3 and fifth 1.

For the MVP race all that truly matters is to start with, second and third. As we’re yet to see Harden or Westbrook put lower than third in the 25 votes we have with clear votes 1-3.

While the 95-point shortage isn’t excessively sizable numerically, it is with regards to the race. There’s just 2,600 focuses for each of the five places over every one of the 100 votes. The most focuses a solitary player could get is 1,000, or each of the 100 of the primary spot votes.

Solidify is confronting an impossible lead in light of the fact that The Beard just increases three focuses for every ahead of all comers tally, which is obviously nullified by each Westbrook in front of the pack poll. What’s more, with 66% of the primary spot votes distinguished, it’s exceptionally far-fetched the pattern of voting will flip against Westbrook and for Harden.

Making up for lost time with Westbrook would require 24 of the rest of the 31 tallies to have Harden first and Westbrook third. A completely unlikely situation. Solidify winning ahead of all comers on each outstanding ticket isn’t sufficiently even to close the hole if Westbrook set second on every one.

To deliver the 600-505 edge, we recreated the second place votes we’re absent. This is on the grounds that we know 19 Westbrook ahead of everyone else votes with no recognized second place vote and 7 Harden in front of the rest of the competition tallies with similar conditions. We evaluate what number of those tallies would have their first round adversary in second place by granting second place focuses at the rate of first or second place votes a player shows up on.

We think this expectation is pretty darn precise. Before knowing the voting board, we had distinguished 66 ahead of everyone else votes. In doing as such, we committed three errors for a strong exactness rate of 95.4%. We’ve since expelled those three votes and supplanted them with Sage Steele, Reggie Miller and the Bay Area’s Anthony Slater.

There’s a shot there’s as yet a couple botches here with the votes. Michelle Beadle could have spent all year thumping the Kawhi for MVP drum and voted Westbrook at last, however there’s no possibility such a variety of events crash the expectation.

Russell Westbrook’s triple-twofold season will be deified with a MVP trophy. While Harden’s top untouched hostile season will be the runner up.

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